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RCFF Rectangular Modular Frame With Flange

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      RCFF.1 RCFF

The RCFF rectangular metal frame is a modular system which can be   applied to the installation of wall system with a flange for pre-poured case.   Various DCM modules can be composited into the frame RCFF consists of one   metal frame, one wedge, some stayplates, modules and lubricant. By adjusting   the fixing screws on the wedge, all modules in the square hole are pressed   tightly by the wedge and then the various cables can be fixed and sealed   securely in the modules.


RCFF   Sx1


RCFF   Sxn


RCFF   S+Sx1


RCFF   S+Sxn

S-Frame Size    n- Number of horizontal openings  e=10mm   t=20mm   q=10mm    D=60mm

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